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Shubham Surti

Hello Readers!

I am Shubham Kamlesh Surti

I have been extremely excited since my first day to talk with you. Well, since you are here already, let me share with you my life journey. It all started back in 2010 when I was just 15 years old when my craving to find the callings of life began as a Reiki healer. Meanwhile, I had this habit of writing a journal then. However, like any teenager, I had my curiosities which were pushing me to discover things I was not meant to.

In 2014, something struck my professional instinct and a 19-year-old me just jumped out of the bed to start my journey towards the youngest certified Lean Sigma Six Analyst by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. My memory is still fresh of the time when I was just a kid for my fellow learners there.

In 2015, I still remember how my career got its very first traction as a struggling startup founder. I had everything a 20-year-old might need, though this fire within was struggling to ignite thoroughly. I will be pretty honest, my venture was a complete disaster!


Over a few years, I managed to be an avid learner. I kept learning infractions from IIM Ahmedabad to Harvard and from Facebook to IBM. I learned whenever and wherever I got a chance. Take it online or offline, distance or regular, workshops or seminars, at every step I absorbed the knowledge and amplified it.

No matter how much I was struggling, the best I have absorbed was from my journey as a startup founder to the director of Brainmark. I still was pretty young and the world never failed to reciprocate my age. The most important thing that I particularly learned was to Fail! Fail in both personal and professional life. I have miserably lost people, opportunities, and time. With each failure, I learned to conceptualize the Narrative Scopes of the unseen world and named it Back of the ball. The concept was quite deep in my soul and shadows.


Finally, my rollercoaster life taught me pretty harsh lessons. These lessons and my perspective which helped me tackle those situations was all I had to give people. So I decided to depict those parts in the form of a book,” Back of the Ball“.


Today my interests range from Entrepreneurship to System Development, from Process Automation to Marketing & Education. Currently, my call of duty strides towards counselor for Multiple Intelligence, Reiki Master, Handwriting Analyst, Certified Soft Skill Trainer, and HR Mentor. I specialize in Marketing Strategies, Digital Innovation, System Launch, Startup Training, and Business Plan Diligence. I intend to help you grow in your Business and Personal life.


Meet me in my book "Back of the Ball”






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