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Welcome to the world of Balls!

We have created this pathway not only to transform the lives of people or their mindset but also to find the evolving way to redefine our way of interpreting the facts of life.

We have tried to compile the transformational experiences of the trainers and coaches of various fields and club them into the new pack of raw but innovative dimensions. The result of this knowledge mining was worth sharing. 


I had some questions, you might have them too.

  • “Is there some stage in the midst of Success & Failure?”

  • “Is there some legit way to define Confidence and Attitude?”

  • “Is money all you need to be happy?”

  • “Is there some defined way to select the profession"

  • “What drives us?”

        and this never stops...

Though, my journey of 7 years towards an answer to all these questions concluded with a book, Back of the Ball! It is key to the most lucrative dimensions of life. It is a compilation of 10 burning questions you will need answers for while leaping towards success. This book is almost everything a reader can expect the self-help to address. Ranging from teenage issues to the base of successful relationships, and from Professional eloquence to Societal Disorientation, this book is the masterpiece to answer every mystery of a victorious life!





Shubham Kamlesh Surti is a 24-year-old, Ahmedabadi man who also happens to be a young prodigy with a specialization in Therapy, Counselling, Training & Management Consulting. Beyond the roles in his professional corridor, he is an agnostic thinker.  He has served in various roles from a director of a multinational organization to a startup founder. He is a Digital Marketing enthusiast and a Storyteller. However, what fuels him is his search for a pattern in-universe and the way it selects the souls for success.


After learning from IIM to Harvard and IBM to Facebook, he settled down on the journey towards defining success and recording the path towards it from all perspectives. Back of the Ball is an accumulation of his Corporate Training Module, Counselling Pattern & Consulting framework.

Hold tight while his first book takes you on the journey of your life from his perspective!

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